Since 1997, the lawyers at The Law Offices of Stephen R. Paul, PLLC have been dedicated to serving the specific and specialized interests of its clients.  For over twenty-two years, our attorneys have pursued subrogation claims in all 100 counties of North Carolina. During this time, we have collected in excess of twenty-two million dollars ($22,000,000.00) on behalf of our clients. 

Our office has experienced trial attorneys who are excellent litigators and who are supported by paralegal and administrative staff members.  We have extensive experience litigating a wide range of subrogation claims, including construction defects, fire losses, property damage claims, products liability, motor vehicle negligence, and uninsured motorist claims.  Where necessary, we are able to bring coverage actions to assist our client in its efforts to recover from other carriers.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated team has streamlined the subrogation process, saving our clients time and money.  From initial demand letters to filing suit to obtaining judgments and settlements, our firm aggressively pursues the most advantageous resolution for our clients. 


We handle claims for the entire state of North Carolina for our subrogation clients.  When we receive a file from a client, we immediately review the claim and begin working towards recovery.  Our comprehensive approach and our results have made us one of the leading subrogation firms in North Carolina.  Our clients include the largest auto and fire insurance carrier in the state, insurance companies in the Midwest and in New England, and several subrogation consortiums representing numerous carriers.  We provide all with outstanding service. 


We always keep you informed of the status of a claim.  As a client, you can always reach us, whether at the office, at home, or in our car.  We return all messages immediately; we deal with problems at once.  We answer all your questions.  Through frequent communication, we keep you apprised of a claim and its status.  We also are more than glad to consult with your claims professionals before referral of a claim, to identify factual and legal issues which may determine whether a claim is viable.  We pride ourselves on responding to our clients’ needs.


Each file is handled by experienced counsel. We are veteran trial attorneys well-prepared to try a case, but we also recognize that many claims are best resolved through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. We enjoy a very good reputation with judges, court personnel, the North Carolina Bar, and our insurance company clients.  We handle claims from $1,000 to $15,000,000.00, from Wilmington to Asheville, from Charlotte to Greensboro, ranging in complexity from one defendant in State Court to multi-party litigation in Federal Court.

Billing Flexibility:

We are a small firm, and consequently we are able to offer different billing arrangements with each client.  We realize many insurers today desire creative alternatives to traditional billing. Some subrogation clients pay us an initial administrative fee, from $50 to $100, plus a percentage (e.g. 30%) to prosecute a claim through judgment.  Most pay us a flat percentage (e.g. 33%) of all amounts recovered. The client reimburses costs for filing and service fees.  The arrangements can also vary, depending on the volume of work and what is needed particularly for the individual client. 

We will discuss payment terms with you and will tailor our billing arrangement to your specific needs so that it is consistent with your subrogation budget.  The most significant billing feature we offer you is that you do not pay us until recovery is obtained.  Consequently, your budget is not affected, because we never are paid unless we obtain a recovery.


Our firm, its experienced attorneys and support staff, our efficient and professional handling of your claims, and mutually agreed upon billing arrangements represent the best value you can obtain for your subrogation needs.  We are here to help you and to serve you in the best possible way, and we never forget that.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk or meet with you to discuss how our firm might better serve your subrogation needs.  Please feel free to contact Steve Paul at (919) 933-5125, ext. 101, or email Steve directly at steve@ncsubrogation.com.